Saturday, February 8, 2014

MobiMB Mobile Media Browser [by S4A] Free Download

Version: 3.6
Category: Mobile Phone Tools|Nokia
Developer: LogoManager
Size: 14 Mb
MobiMB Mobile Media BrowserMobiMB Mobile Media Browser torrent

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Torrent Size: 14 MB
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Advantage of the latest color Nokia phones! Nokias many modern cell phones contain a full file manager (gallery), so you photos, ringtones, music and other files supported by your phone storage. MobiMB is the first software product full access to these features enable your phone, and also contains a range of special features for specific handsets, including the ability of your PC to set operator logo, start and shutdown logos and more (phone dependent). Browse your gallery and drag and drop images, MIDI files, photos, music and Java MIDlets to and from your phone from your hard disk! Right-click a logo to set. The download files, color backgrounds, transparent color operator logos, logos or games and start programs and other file types supported by your phone. MobiMB installed on your Microsoft Windows PC, and connects directly to your phone with a standard cable or infrared port (available separately). Most new Nokia phones contain Nokias new polyphonic ringtone technology, and now you can upload your own polyphonic tone of your computer! A ringtone download, simply select a MIDI file on your hard drive, throw it in the download folder in the gallery, and the files are available to use as a ringtone. MIDI files can be created and edited with any standard MIDI sequencer package (excluding download ready made, but many are freely available on various websites). Phone supports MP3 download users and other formats can also benefit from this fast and easy file manager. A number of common color graphics formats supported by the phone, including JPEG and GIF. Edit an image using your favorite graphics editor, or use a ready-made one, cut it to size and then drop the phone! Save your photos to your computer simply by dragging them in Windows Explorer. Java MIDlets designed for use on your phone will be added to your games and applications folders.

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