Thursday, February 27, 2014

Backup-Burner CDR SDK Free Download

Version: 7.0
Category: CD/DVD Tools|Data CD/DVD Burning
Developer: FrontBack LLC
Size: 13 Mb
Backup-Burner CDR SDKBackup-Burner CDR SDK torrent

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Backup-Burner CDR SDK allows you to add a backup to DVD and CD capability, the software with one dll function call! Increase the value of the program for the user to ensure that they can archive (burn) important data to CD with a single menu choice or butto Customizable colors, background (Skin) and title. Simply select the folder backup, pass some values, our dll, and wait for the function to store the result code is returned to the combustion complete.All files and subfolders of the selected folder on the burned CD . SDK comes with a Demo exe, example source for Delphi and C + +, and our dlls .. can be used with any Windows language, you can use the DLL. He writes almost every high speed burner. Require extremely simple interface no user input as recording speeds and other complex issues, it's all automated them.It writes a blank CD-R and CD-RW. He also asked the entire CD-RW erase first, which is your files, the cost for users who frequently secures. Note that your code selects all the files and folders you want to burn, or 650 MB. Includes free Automen. Automatically submitted with the SDK to the Start Menu CD collection, use Automen create the autorun.inf file. Simplifies programming tasks, while the ability to ask the user whether to carry out operations such as full restoration wants to jump on the online help files or readme files it. Definitely worth Look.-45 trial Nag

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