Tuesday, February 25, 2014

CMessenger 10 Windows XP/7 Free Download

Category: Internet|Chat|Instant Messaging
Developer: C Solution S.R.L.
Size: 12 Mb
CMessenger 10CMessenger 10 torrent

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CMessenger is a secure communications system that effectively contributes to the improvement of business processes and service for customers by increasing productivity and reducing costs by the company. CMessenger is a specific tool for businesses, designed to improve the network communication between the employees of the company and its clients, partners or members. The program is instant messaging, offering the opportunity to identify the presence of a person in their workplace, to gain access to the information needed for daily ongoing activities and most importantly, quickly and in a secure manner as to communicate with colleagues and customers or suppliers without changing location . CMessenger features - Instant messaging (encrypted instant messaging, private, or lecture, adjust fonts, the ability to keep records of calls, the ability to see at any time, users have added someone to your list and block access if such a thing is, the possibility of prevention user that the other person in conversation prints a new message? for reference while transmitting messages, the ability to send messages to users who are not online, indicating the presence of each user to be connected status which is determined by their presence in the system, the presence of which can be seen more users - possibility of audio communication (quality GSM, little data stream) / video communication (adjust image size, quality and format JPG) at the same time with chat - transfer files between users, with the ability to store files on a server -. All conversations maximum security status for encrypting text messages between users message encrypted with RSA (Rivest, Schnorr, Adleman) 256-bit encryption algorithm that ensures full confidentiality of data - video - Windows Explorer shell integration for sending files; - Offers the ability to send photos. The advantages of this system are: - intermittent connection (instant!); - a concept for discussion, much better personalized than e-mail or forums, make videos with many users, and - extremely user - friends (one once created): - the ability to find and consult with interesting people, very easy - messages and files can also be sent to people who are not on the internet - fixes a flaw in an email when the recipient must verify his message box periodically for new messages - eliminate saturation classical communications (telephone calls, written documents, etc.). One server - 500 customers - $ 499

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