Friday, February 21, 2014

Hamachi [64-Bit] Free Download

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Developer: LogMeIn Inc
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Hamachi is easy to use application that allows users to create and manage virtual private networks. For example, if your home computer connected to the Internet via the Internet or broadband router, will not normally be able to access it, say, from your office. By installing Hamachi on both computers and clicking a few buttons, you can quickly and securely link. Now you can browse file shares, run remote desktop or even host a multiplayer on one computer and join in from another. As if they were connected by a physical wire. Hamachi is a networking technology that allows two computers on the Internet directly talk to each other irrespective of the presence of firewalls or address translation devices on the route between them. Most interestingly, Hamachi enables peer-to-peer communications between two computers residing behind two different devices to share the connection. In geek language - it allows for bidirectional NAT. Peer to peer connectivity becomes possible with the help of Hamachi servers that mediate the establishment of the initial contact between peers. Once peers connect the traffic starts to flow directly between them. This not only ensures that data travels the best way possible, but also reduces latency (ping time) and increases the speed of transmission. Hamachi is secure. All Hamachi communications are encrypted and authenticated using industry-standard algorithms and protocols. No one will be able to see what two Hamachi peers are talking about. But what is more important - Hamachi security architecture is completely open meaning that it is available for inspection at all interested in its detailed description.

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