Sunday, November 24, 2013

PageNest Free Edition 64bit Free Download

Version: 3.30
Category: Internet|Offline Browsers
Developer: Solent Software
Size: 13 Mb
PageNest Free EditionPageNest Free Edition torrent

Seeds: 104
Leechers: 98

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Torrent Size: 13 MB
Files: 2

Use PageNest Free Edition offline browser to copy websites and pages to your hard drive. PageNest will create an exact copy of virtually any or website. Create archives of your favorite sites. Copy interesting or useful pages before they disappear from the Internet. With PageNest you must open an Internet connection to browse the site to download. Designed to be easy to use, you can start a download of PageNest Free Edition and as few as two mouse clicks. It will take place on the site now from your browser or by dragging and dropping a link. Of course you can also type in a URL. There are options to choose from to download a single page or an entire site. PageNest use a fast multi engine download and up to forty threads for faster downloads. The number of threads can be easily adjusted even download. PageNest free edition retain the original directory structure of these sites. Records are stored as standard HTML, JPEG, GIF, etc. So they can look in any appropriate software. They can also be edited and re-up. Record dynamic (php, asp, pl, etc.) are converted to HTML (or other file types as appropriate). You can view downloaded from PageNests built-in browser, or you can use your own browser - downloads viewed in any browser. There is no need to run a server on your machine. Websites are listed in a ree makes them easy to organize, and get quick downloads before. Quickly find the latest downloads in ecent download list shows boot time (or at any time on the Welcome tab). NOTE: The application provides two installation modes. A default will install Solent DB Toolbar, edit your homepage and search. If you do not want any changes made to apply to your system, you should choose the Custom installation.

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