Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Aston Free Download

Category: Desktop Enhancements|Shell Replacements
Developer: Gladiators Software
Size: 14 Mb
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Gladiators Software announces the release of most awaited Aston product - Aston shell, software that replaces the standard Windows desktop and makes it more usable, beautiful and customizable. Many Windows users find the standard desktop too rigid and inflexible. Aston offers an approach that is truly unique from other unseen features and tematówz live wallpaper. The basic features that make it so unique, that Aston is fully skinnable and customizable. You can freely choose from many theme choose the one that suits you best. If you want to give your designing skills can also try making your own theme. An advanced skin is very intuitive and your imagination is the only limit. Each element of the theme: menu, desktop, panels - all can be modified and customized, thus allowing you to easily create another workspace. Widgets push the limits of usability and customization even further. Want to know the weather forecast, system resources or something else - no problem! Widgets extend the start menu and panels usability in a subtle but powerful. You wybóri full control over what and how something is displayed while maintaining the smooth and enjoyable computing. Thus, the Aston is known as one of the most stable Windows shells ever. Switching to Aston is easy because it contains all the things that you know, and not only that, Aston makes them more efficient. Integrated search makes searching your local drive as well as on the Internet quickly and easily. Efficiency and convenience is just one dimension of this powerful application. Aston is superior in almost every respect, starting from supported operating systems, support for multiple languages. Animation can be used for almost every element and every widget achieving stunning effects. Overall, this application will combine beauty, style and performance to set the desktop types always dreamed of.

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