Thursday, January 23, 2014

IP Hider Free Download

Version: 4.9
Category: Network Tools|IP Tools
Developer: AllAnonymity
Size: 14 Mb
IP HiderIP Hider torrent

Seeds: 142
Leechers: 61

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Torrent Size: 14 MB
Files: 2

IP Hider is a solution? Learning how to make? Protect the privacy mask IP address preventing your? Email and your surfing habits? S internet activity over the Internet from monitoring by websites or ISPs. IP Hider uses anonymous proxies (gateways to the internet) routing all your Internet traffic through them. Mo? Can browse anonymously, check mails, participate in newsgroups using proxies form different countries at your choice, interact with websites anonymously, using proxies that allow you to send messages, play, votes, post on forum, use IP - based tests. IP Hider cleans all online traces that may in? Damage or use inadvertently information on your? Em computer as some Internet history, typed URLs, history, temporary Internet files, cookies, auto complete forms, auto history password comprehensive Internet favorites. IP Hider and? Protects computer from the action of invasive codes, like? These are ActiveX or Java Script. ActiveX controls add interest to sites through multimedia but the controls also powers will harbor malicious code such? These are viruses. Most sites will function properly with ActiveX controls disabled.

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