Sunday, December 1, 2013

WinShake [romix75] Free Download

Version: 2.72
Category: Tweak|System Tweak
Developer: F.J. Beens
Size: 12 Mb
WinShakeWinShake torrent

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Torrent Size: 12 MB
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WinShake is a small utility that allows you to easily navigate through windows, reduce or make them transparent, using a single keyboard and mouse commands. You simply click on the SMC phone (right) of the clock in the taskbar or the Start button, and all windows are completely transparent to their outer edge , laughing, except that makes the desktop and gadgets are not only seen but also excessible in while preserving the order of all windows in tact. It also offers improved function Close all windows: all regular windows minimized, but not your sidebars and gadgets. And he remembers the window on top. Then there is the brand new feature called PeekTop: SMC clicking the X-button window, this window becomes translucent, so you can read that below. And if you have a windows always-on-top, which can prevent you from seeing, they seemed. bonus feature associated with PeekTop called PeekTopX: this time, the window disappears completely, including the button on the taskbar. Handy when curious people around! If there are more sensitive windows, they also may be hidden. And finally there are two functions: PeekX and (auto) Taskbar Peek & switches. PeekX fast alternative functions: Shake: now all windows opened, with the exception of the active one, giving the active window quick access to the desktop. And the best for last, the true function of Windows 7 Taskbar Peek: SCM clicking once on the button in the taskbar for the program, you can hover over any button to program and all other windows opened, giving you a look at a live window, you e interest

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